Friday, February 15, 2013

My Program!

I'm a 'Trekie' My favorite TV shows are the Star Trek series, and of that series, Voyager and Deep Space Nine, I literally live by them, they are a 'dimension of mind' (Remember Twilight Zone,) and as I learn from the Course In Miracles, so also am I.

There's a lot of talk about 'mind', Both Spock and Tuvok could do 'mind melds', appearently in the 24th Centuary, science had the ability to erase much of a persons mind, or add things to it that never happened, but thinking made it so.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thinking makes it so!

An early Holodeck Room, see the control panel?

I believe that I have at least as much 'empathic abilities' as Counciler Troi, but she does keep pushing me to develope more.

"My Mind To Your Mind, My Thoughts To Your Thoughts." The mind-meld, is so true, the minds of all of us are connected.

I've even seen an occasional spark of decency in the Ferengi bar owner named Quark, those inhabitants of Ferenginar, including Quark, serve a god of 'money' through The Rules Of Acquisition' they treat their woman like they were slaves, is that why it rains all the time and their planet is just a dreary swamp with a 'very low atmospheric pressure'?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It's a beautiful garden, but maybe one day I will move a rock, and discover, to my delightful satisifaction, the grid of a Holodeck. A remotely-controlled robotic device, where the user actually believes that he is in that enviroment.

Sure the peaceful plants are welcome, but this class-M Planet forest also contains, some set-backs.

My guide book says For he shall give His angels charge over thee! But they are a part of the 'safty protocol's'. Did I remember to turn them on, before engaging the program?

I have been on this planet many years, my linear memory crystals have been these last few years thinning out.

Perhaps one day, I will find myself again, standing on the grid, where my new mother, will soon, give birth to me.